The joys and Tribulations of Childcare

A collection of articles written by mothers about their own experiences of raising children.

Safety In The Home

Keeping your home safe for your children should be a number one priority. Child proofing your home does not have to be a long process. You can find many safety products for your home out in the market today. Below are some great ways to improve the safety of your home in just one day.

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Common sense Safety Measures

If something does not look safe, it probably is not safe. Most parents have a good idea about what is safe for their child. If things appear dangerous, find a way to make it safer. For example, stairs are always dangerous to children. Why spend time worrying about your child falling down them when you can easily put a baby gate at the top and bottom of the stairs to keep them safe when you might not be watching. Make sure the gate is held in place permanently. Pressure-mounted gates can be easily dislodged and fall.

Children Sometimes Drink The Wrong Liquids

Store all of your household cleaners, medicines and poisonous substances out of your children’s reach. If you have to store any of these items within the reach of your child, make sure you have a child safety latch on the drawer or cabinet door. Storing these items under a bathroom sink or in unlocked cabinets is not a good idea.

Children Often go where They Shouldn't

Prevent your children from accessing blind cords and windows. You have probably heard the horrible stories about children pushing out a window screen and falling to the ground several stories down. Children are so curious and creative, and they have a way of finding their way into things you never thought they would get into. Be sure that all your windows, with or without screens, are securely locked at all times or out of the reach of your children. Most stores sell child safety window locks and door locks. Additionally, window blind cords are a hazard for children. Your blind cords should be secured out of the reach of your children. Wrapping the cord up, securing it on the wall with a hook or on top of the window blinds is the safest thing to do.

Children Don't Understand Electricity

To keep your children safe inside your home, protect all your electrical outlets. Electrical outlets are dangerous for younger children who enjoy putting things where they do not belong. The easiest way to take care of electrical outlets is by using safety plugs to cover them. The safety plug is put inside the outlet in the same way you put a plug into the outlet. Once the plug is in place, nothing can go inside of the outlet

These are just a few ways to make your home a safer place for you and your children. Nothing is a substitute for adult supervision, but things can be done to make your job a bit easier and keep your children safer.


Please be aware that the articles on this site are written by mothers who are discussing their own experiences and their own opinions. They do not, and are not meant to, represent professional advice and should be read with that point firmly in mind.

Our children’s welfare is paramount; if you are ever in the slightest doubt about any aspect of caring for a child you are urged to seek qualified, specialist advice from a professional advisor.

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