The joys and Tribulations of Childcare

A collection of articles written by mothers about their own experiences of raising children.

Potty Training

Potty training is an individual process for each child. There are many methods to help a child graduate from nappies to the big toilet and the ages that a child will be ready to do so vary as well. Most children are potty trained somewhere between 18 months and 4 years of age. Your child may seem like they will "never" get there, but unless they have a developmental delay, you need not worry.

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How Not to Go About It!

So how exactly do you potty train a kid? Well, there are certainly some things that you should not do, so let’s start with those:

What You SHOULD Do

As with other childhood phases, this one is sure to be short-lived, so laugh over the funny stories that are sure to happen and don’t wish away these precious moments.


Please be aware that the articles on this site are written by mothers who are discussing their own experiences and their own opinions. They do not, and are not meant to, represent professional advice and should be read with that point firmly in mind.

Our children’s welfare is paramount; if you are ever in the slightest doubt about any aspect of caring for a child you are urged to seek qualified, specialist advice from a professional advisor.

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