The joys and Tribulations of Childcare

A collection of articles written by mothers about their own experiences of raising children.

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting our website. Like every other organisation, we have to have some rules and regulations, and here they are.

What we are

The owners and contributors of this website have written articles based upon their own experiences. None of these persons make any claim to expertise in any field including childcare. You must therefore view these articles as of entertainment value only, and not as practical advice.

Limitation of our liability

this website is provided free of charge. This means that there is no contractual relationship between us, whether express or implied. You are welcome to browse it, and make copies of it for your own purposes, but you accept the fact that the information in this site is provided by volunteer contributors. We have not carried out background checks upon these contributors and so we have no way of knowing whether or not the information they have provided is accurate. You must not, therefore, rely on any information on this site as being true and factual.

You must therefore take proper qualified advice before making any decisions about children, whether these are yours or someone else's. We can therefore accept no liability whatsoever for any consequences of your paying heed to information printed within the pages of this site.

Our copyright

The contents of this site are copyrighted material must not be reproduced or distributed in any way whatsoever. Any person who does so will be held responsible for any and all consequences which occur as a result of this breach of copyright.

Contacting us

You are welcome to contact us at any time if you want to pass comments on our site, suggest an article or simply for a chat. We have a zero tolerance policy about spam, however, and we will complain to the Internet service providers of any person or company that attempts to send spam through our system.

Contributing articles

You are welcome to submit an article to us for consideration of having it published on our site. If you do so, and we do publish it, it must not contain any advertising materials including hyperlinks to another website. Whilst you will retain the copyright on any articles that you wrote, and that we publish, you agree to grant us a permanent unlimited licence to print this content on our website without any royalty fees, and you agree that we can edit or alter this material at our own discretion, without reference to you.

Acceptable behaviour

You must do nothing via our website which will cause distress, annoyance, or injury to any person or organisation. We reserve the right to take whatever legal measures that are within our control to prevent any behaviour which we consider to be unacceptable.

Linking to our website

You are welcome to post links on your own website pointing to pages on our site which your visitors may find interesting. These links, however, must not be enclosed within an iframe on your own site, and you must not hotlink to any of our images. If you do so you agree to pay our legal costs in stopping this breach of our copyright, and you agree to pay us reasonable damages for having done so.

You must not link to our site from any website which contains harmful, hateful or obscene content.

Use of our information

Whilst you are welcome to keep a single copy of our site for your own personal use, you must not pass any copies on to any other third person without our express written consent. You must not reproduce any part of this website in any way whatsoever, except as stipulated above.

Links from our site to other websites

Our website contains a number of hyperlinks to other websites which we feel may be of interest to you. You accept that these are completely separate entities to this website. Any transactions that you have with these sites that we link to are beyond our control, and you therefore accept that we can have no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences that may befall you as a result of your visiting these sites.

Security of our site

It is a fact of life that even the best security systems on websites can be breached by determined hackers. Our website is no different from the rest in this respect. You accept, therefore, that we can bear no responsibility or liability for any consequences of your computer system, tablet or mobile phone being affected by a virus as a result of a visit to our site. You must rely upon your own common sense and anti-viral software to protect your device or devices from attacks of this kind.

Information that you provide us with

We will assume that any information that you give us is non-confidential, unless you inform us otherwise. We reserve the right to print any articles or comments that you send us, whilst retaining your own privacy.

Illegal activities

Notwithstanding our obligations under current privacy laws in the United Kingdom and Europe, we reserve the right to inform the appropriate authorities if we suspect that any person, persons or organisation is acting in a manner which is in breach of any of the laws of the United Kingdom. In this event we will feel free to provide law enforcement authorities with any information that we hold about suspected lawbreakers.

To sum up

You accept that this website is for entertainment purposes only, and that you will not make any decisions at all regarding the care or welfare of children or any other people based upon anything that you have read on this website. You also agree that you will take properly qualified advice at all times when dealing with such matters.

If you cannot agree to accept every and all the above terms and conditions your licence to browse this site is revoked forthwith.


Please be aware that the articles on this site are written by mothers who are discussing their own experiences and their own opinions. They do not, and are not meant to, represent professional advice and should be read with that point firmly in mind.

Our children’s welfare is paramount; if you are ever in the slightest doubt about any aspect of caring for a child you are urged to seek qualified, specialist advice from a professional advisor.

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