Parent and Toddler Groups

Parent and toddler groups are designed specifically for parents raising a toddler in their home. These groups assist parents experiencing the ups and downs of not only raising one toddler but two or more. However, it is not always as easy as it seems. No matter how much parents try to love all their children equally, they come to realize that no two toddlers are the same. No matter how much they may look or seem the same, they simply are not. Not only do they have different DNAs, but they also have different personality traits. For example, some speak well while others find difficulty in finding the right word. In addition, some toddlers appear to be laid back and quiet while others are outgoing. Regardless, they all have something that demands a little more time and attention. In doing so, parents discover that some situations are harder to tackle than others. This is where parent and toddler groups come in handy.

Many groups gather monthly or even bi-weekly to discuss any areas of concern while providing helpful ideas and tips to other parents in the group. For example, if a parent is raising a toddler who bites, one parent may suggest spanking, a second parent may disagree and recommend a time out, and yet a third parent may use an approach where he/she lightly bites or smacks the toddler on the hand. On the other hand, a toddler may be the victim of another child who does the biting or even hitting. The question here may simply be: What do I tell my child is the right way to react to this sort of behavior? Regardless, all parents tend to see things differently, and the advice-seeking parent simply needs to listen to the ideas presented and carefully choose which they feel most comfortable with for their situation.

Discussions are not the only things that take place in these support groups that can help parents with their toddlers. In addition, some groups designate areas for toddlers allowing them to entertain themselves and each other. While the parents are busy in their meeting, toddlers continue to learn by speaking with other children, listening to them, and watching their every move. This is a great area where little ones can experience how other children act and react. At the same time, they discover how they should act and react to others as well.

To conclude, parent and toddler groups teach proper interaction with others using positive behavior strategies. In addition, they teach the differences between good behavior and bad behavior while making aware that actions speak louder than words. Toddlers need to be taught that there is a right way and wrong way to act. They also need to understand that there is no such thing as a bad kid, only bad choices. In the end, parents should consider joining a local group not only for learning but also for the better of their toddler.



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