Chickenpox and young children

Chickenpox are caused by a virus and is a common type of illness that children get. Little spots that look like little bumps or blisters appear all of the body. They are extremely itchy for the child and can often go along with flu like symptoms.

The child may begin by complaining that they are not feeling well. They may have a sore throat, fever, stomachache, or headache which will lead you to believe that they have the start of a cold or the flu. Then the little bumps or blisters will begin to form on their stomach or back and then will slowly spread throughout the rest of the body.

Chickenpox is an illness that is extremely contagious for those that have not had it before or have not had the vaccination. It can be spread through the air, so anyone within the same room can end up with chickenpox. It can also be spread if the child touches something and you or anyone else touches the same toy or object.

If you have more than the one child that has chickenpox, it is almost a guarantee that the others will get it within a couple of weeks. For anyone that has not had the chickenpox or the vaccination, the best way to avoid getting the chickenpox is to stay away from the infected child and the things that they touch completely.

It is also helpful to have the child with chickenpox wash their hands as often as possible. But children being the way they are, unless they are constantly washing their hands, the virus will spread. Some have also gone as far to keep the chickenpox from spreading by having the infected child wear a mask. Although this may be a good way to keep the chickenpox from spreading, it is extremely uncomfortable for the child to wear a mask all the time.

There really is little that a doctor will do for a child with chickenpox. There is no miracle treatment or medicine that will help the chickenpox go away. You will basically wait for them to clear up on their own and do your best to keep your child from scratching them so they do not turn into sores and cause scars.

Although there are no cuative treatments that the doctor will prescribe for your child, there are some things that I have found can make them more comfortable and will help take away some of the itchy feeling.

* Use a cold wet cloth on the bumps. This can help take away some of the itchy feeling.

* Giving them a bath can help with the itching as well, but ensure that you do not rub the towel on them when you dry them. Just pat their body dry.

* If your child has chickenpox in their mouth, which is not uncommon, keep this in mind when giving them something to eat or drink. Do not try to give them something too salty or anything with too much acid it in, like oranges. It can be painful for them.

* Check with your pharmacy for lotions that work well to relieve itching.



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